Index M of Titles

The Machine (short story by John W Campbell published 1935)
The Magic Labyrinth (novel by Philip Jose Farmer published 1977)
The Main Experiment (novel by Christopher Hodder-Williams published 1966)
Man From Mundania (novel by Piers Anthony published 1989)
The Man Who Awoke (novel by Laurence Manning published 1977)
Manalone (novel by Colin Kapp published 1977)
The Maracot Deep (novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle published 1929)
Masters Of The Vortex (novel by E E doc Smith published 1968)
Maxwells Demon (novel by Martin Sherwood published 1976)
The Mayors (novelette by Isaac Asimov published 1942)
The Merchant Princes (novelette by Isaac Asimov published 1944)
Messengers Of Darkness (novel by Hugh Walker published 1979)
Methuselahs Children (novel by Robert A Heinlein published 1958)
Micromégas (novel by Voltaire published 1752)
Mirror Image (short story by Diana L Paxson published 1983)
Mirror Image (novel by Michael G Coney published 1975)
Mix-Up (short story by George Collyn published 1964)
The Monadic Universe (collection by George Zebrowski published 1977)
Monolog (short story by Philip Jose Farmer published 1973)
Monologue (short story by Philip Jose Farmer published 1973)
Mort (novel by Terry Pratchett published 1987)
The Mule (novella by Isaac Asimov published 1945)
The Mutants (novel by Kris Neville published 1966)