Author: William F Wu

Published in Year: 1993

Publisher: Avon Books

novel no. 02 in the Series: Robots In Time

ISBN 978-0380765119

Cover Notes

MC Governor, the largest and smartest robot ever built, knew its destruction was imminent. It used the Third Law of Robotics-A robot must protect its own existence-to break itself down into six smaller robots and scatter them throughout Earth's past. It didn't realize that time travel would cause a change in its molecular structure. Now, if the robot's six parts are not found and returned to their own time, they will explode in a nuclear inferno, destroying humanity's future forever! Only an experimental robot named Hunter and his team of human experts can find and disable the MC Governor robot lost in an age of pirates and cutthroats. Their target is a robot determined to survive-a robot branded maruader.

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