The Masterharper of Pern

Author: Anne McCaffrey

Published in Year: 1998

Publisher: Del Rey Books

novel no. 16 in the Series: Dragonriders of Pern

Cover Notes

(:redirect quiet=1 TheMasterharperOfPern:) Robinton was rejected by his jealous father, Petiron, and spent most of his childhood with his nurturing mother. Since Robinton grew up in a very musically-inclined setting, all the inhabitants helped bring him along in his journey to adulthood. Robinton composed many successful songs at a very early age and was unanimously elected Masterharper, also at a relatively young age. He tried to warn the Lord Holders of the rapacity of Lord Fax, but was unsuccessful. He was present when Lessa used her wit to provoke the duel in which Lord Fax was killed by F'lar; she had been in disguise as a drudge.

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