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Landing (short story by Anne McCaffrey published 1988)
The Last Continent (novel by Terry Pratchett published 1998)
The Last Evolution (short story by John W Campbell published 1975)
The Last Hero (novel by Terry Pratchett published 2001)
The Last Neanderthal Man (novelette by Isaac R Nathanson published 1937)
The Last War (short story by S P Meek published 1930)
A Last Word (essay by Isaac Asimov published 1982)
The Leaser Of Two Evils (short story by Philip Jose Farmer published 1979)
Legends (novelette by Esther M Friesner published 1993)
Lenny (short story by Isaac Asimov published 1958)
Lensman From Rigel (novel by David A Kyle published 1982)
Let's Get Together (short story by Isaac Asimov published 1957)
Liar (short story by Isaac Asimov published 1941)
Life (poem by Leland S Copeland published 1928)
A Life For The Stars (novel by James Blish published 1962)
Life, the Universe and Everything (novel by Douglas Adams published 1982)
The Light Fantastic (novel by Terry Pratchett published 1986)
Light Verse (short story by Isaac Asimov published 1973)
Light Wave Lengths And Light Years (essay by T OConor Sloane published 1934)
Little Lost Robot (novelette by Isaac Asimov published 1947)
Look, You Think You've Got Troubles (short story by Carol Carr published 1969)
Lords And Ladies (novel by Terry Pratchett published 1992)
The Lost City (novel by Milton R Peril published 2016)
The Lost City-part 1 (serial by People published 1934)
Lost Dorsai (collection by Gordon R Dickson published 1988)
Lost Dorsai (short story) (short story by Gordon R Dickson published 1988)
The Lost Language (short story by David H Keller published 1934)
Luck Of The Draw (novel by Piers Anthony published 2012)
Lumens (essay by T OConor Sloane published 1934)