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Dragonriders of Pern: A Chronology

Before Landing

The planet Rukbat 3 was surveyed about 200 years before settlement ("Landing").

"The Survey P.E.R.N.."

First Pass

These stories are set before and during the First Pass, from just before settlers landed on Pern until about fifty years afterward (0 to 50 AL).

First Interval

Just after the First Pass, 58 years after landing.

  • Dragonsblood (2005, by Todd McCaffrey) – set partly in 58 AL, primarily in 508 AL; see Third Pass

Second Pass

Just before and during the Second Pass, about 250 years after landing.

Third Pass

Just before and during the Third Pass, about 500 years after landing.

Sixth Pass

Late in the Sixth Pass, about 1550 years after landing.

Ninth Pass

Just before and during the Ninth Pass, about 2500 years after landing.

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