The Stainless Steel Rat For President

Author: Harry Harrison

Published in Year: 1982

Publisher: Sphere

Novel no. 08 in the Series: The Stainless Steel Rat

Cover Notes

(:redirect quiet=1 TheStainlessSteelRatForPresident:) You can't keep a good rat down, not one as slippery as Jim di Griz, alias the Stainless Steel Rat. And you can't keep his nose out of trouble either.

Jim and the lethal, luscious Angelina owe themselves a honeymoon and Paraiso-Aqui looks like the place. Settled long ago by voyagers from the southern continent of Earth (or Dirt as it was known) Paraiso is warm and easy. But all is not well in paradise. The serpentine tyrant General Julio Zapilote is about to sail back into office in another rigged election, and the chance to scupper him is just too good for Jim to miss. Corruption, bribery, graft and chicanery - for the Rat it's just like coming home.

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