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Brother to Demons, Brother to Gods

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Brother To Demons Brother To Gods series

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written by Jack Williamson

published in 1979 by Bobs-Merrill Company

novel no. 1 in the Brother To Demons Brother To Gods series

Cover Notes

The Perfect Ultiman

In the vast multiverse of the future, genetic engineering has created four human and superhuman breeds.

The Trumen

Perfected human beings who are bright and beautiful, without defects or disease, living in perfect harmony.

The Mumen

Specialised mutants reshaped for war, space or life on other planets.

The Stargods

Immortals created too much in the image of their blundering creators, ruling the multiverse with more power than compassion.

The Fourth Creation

A final attempt to restrain the tyrannical follies of the stargods who have killed the last creator in their bid to rule supreme.

Of the fourth creation, only two young children survive: Davey Dunahoo and Buglet. Doomed to die with the premen on the desolate planet Andoranda V, Davey and Buglet face the awesome challenge of producing the Ultiman to destroy the mighty gods.

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