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Pern Chronology

Pern series

Pass/Int Turn at start Book or "Short Story"
0th Int 190 BL "The Survey PERNc"
0 Dragonsdawn  
1st. Pass 8
9 "The Dolphins's Bell"
19 "The Ford of Red Hanrahan"
28 "The Second Weyr"
1st. Int 58 "Rescue Run"
257 Red Star Rising / Dragonseye
2nd. Pass 258
  "Ever the Twain"
2nd. Int   Dragon's Kin Dragon's Fire
3rd. Pass   Dragonsblood
6th. Pass 1550 Moreta Nerilka's Story
"Beyond Between"
6th. Int 1558  
8th Int 2452 Masterharper of Pern
2505 Dragonflight Renegades of Pern "Runner of Pern"
9th Pass 2508  
2514 Dragonquest Dragonsong
2515 Dragonsinger
2518 "The Impression" Dragondrums
"The Smallest Dragonboy"  
2519 The White Dragon "The Girl Who Heard Dragons"
  All the Weyrs of Pern
  Dolphins of Pern
2538 The Skies of Pern
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