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Classic Fantasy and Science Fiction

The Warlocks Last Ride


written by Christopher Stasheff

published in 1985

novel no. 12 in the
Warlock Of Gramarye series


Cover Notes

After an incredible 35-year run, the story of Rod Gallowglass - the Warlock in Spite of Himself - comes to its fantastic finale in the weird and wonderful world of Gramarye. When Gwendolyn - the witch-wife of Rod Gallowglass, the Lord High Warlock of Gramarye - suddenly dies, she leaves behind a husband dangerously unhinged by grief and a land without a Protector.

So it's the worst time for the Gallowglass’s ancient enemies - Durer and the Mocker - to return for one last bid to overthrow the monarchs of Gramarye and seize power. Stirring up a peasant revolt, manipulating politics to trigger a civil war between the Crown and the Lords, all while orchestrating a monster invasion and attempting to trying to turn the Gallowglass children against each other, Gramarye may face its greatest challenge yet.

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