The Warlocks Last Ride

Author: Christopher Stasheff

Published in Year: 1985

novel no. 12 in the Series: Warlock Of Gramarye

Cover Notes

After an incredible 35-year run, the story of Rod Gallowglass - the Warlock in Spite of Himself - comes to its fantastic finale in the weird and wonderful world of Gramarye. When Gwendolyn - the witch-wife of Rod Gallowglass, the Lord High Warlock of Gramarye - suddenly dies, she leaves behind a husband dangerously unhinged by grief and a land without a Protector.

So it's the worst time for the Gallowglass’s ancient enemies - Durer and the Mocker - to return for one last bid to overthrow the monarchs of Gramarye and seize power. Stirring up a peasant revolt, manipulating politics to trigger a civil war between the Crown and the Lords, all while orchestrating a monster invasion and attempting to trying to turn the Gallowglass children against each other, Gramarye may face its greatest challenge yet.

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