The Purity Plot

Author: E E doc Smith , Stephen Goldin

Published in Year: 1978

Publisher: Panther

novel no. 06 in the Series: Family d'Alembert

ISBN 978-0425044698

Cover Notes

(:redirect quiet=1 ThePurityPlot:)What is happening on Purity - an obscure planet peopled only by religious introverts? Hitherto the hairshirt brigade have turned their backs on the rest of the Empire. But now, inspired by the aggressive zeal of sinister evangelist Tresa Clunard, the Puritans are preparing to fight a holy war.

Time, once more, for SOTE's crack agents, the Family d'Alembert, to spring into action. And the responsibility for this mission rests with the new time of Yvette and Pias Bavol. Theirs is an awesome task, for the future peace of Stanley Ten's interstellar civilisation hangs in the balance...

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