The Omicron Invasion

Author: E E doc Smith , Stephen Goldin

Published in Year: 1984

Publisher: Panther

novel no. 09 in the Series: Family d'Alembert

ISBN 978-0586043424

Cover Notes

(:redirect quiet=1 TheOmicronInvasion:)Devastated by alien invasion, one of the Empire's far-flung planets - Omicron - is the destination for an astonishing mission. For the first time in many years, top SOTE agents Yvette Babol and Jules d'Alembert agree to co-operate with the treacherous and dangerous Lady A. it is strictly an alliance of convenience.

Together with the Empire's deadliest enemy and two of her followers, the two SOTE agents set off for Omicron - easily the most distant planet ever settled. With them is Captain Paul Fortier of Naval Intelligence. And what they find on Omicron could lead to intergalactic war...

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