Classic Fantasy and Science Fiction

Point of View

written by Isaac Asimov

published in 1975

A short story
in the
Asimov's Robots series

Also a title in the Multivac series.

Set in the Foundation universe

Cover Notes

Roger's father works with a supercomputer called a Multivac, which has been malfunctioning lately as it comes up with different solutions each time to problems it is asked to solve. After coworkers tell him to take a break, he takes Roger out to lunch. His father tells him what he thinks is wrong with the Multivac, and then from this Roger decides that it is like a child, and like one needs a break from work, saying that if you made a kid do work all day than it would get stuff wrong on purpose. His father reassure this inference with Roger, who confirms it saying, "Dad, a kid's got to play too."

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