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Asimov's Robots series

written by Isaac Asimov

published in 1975

short story in the Asimov's Robots series

short story in the
Multivac series

Set in the Foundation universe

Cover Notes

Roger's father works with a supercomputer called a Multivac, which has been malfunctioning lately as it comes up with different solutions each time to problems it is asked to solve. After coworkers tell him to take a break, he takes Roger out to lunch. His father tells him what he thinks is wrong with the Multivac, and then from this Roger decides that it is like a child, and like one needs a break from work, saying that if you made a kid do work all day than it would get stuff wrong on purpose. His father reassure this inference with Roger, who confirms it saying, "Dad, a kid's got to play too."

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Asimov's Robots series