A Perjury Of Owls

Tags: Crime, Fantastic Creatures

Author: Michael Angel

Published in Year: 2016

Publisher: Banty Hen Publishing

novel no. 04 in the Series: Fantasy And Forensics

Cover Notes

(:redirect quiet=1 APerjuryOfOwls:)Dayna Chrissie’s got to crack the case of a missing Owl Albess when it’s announced that Thea, the leader of Andeluvia's Parliament, has been killed.

Dayna doesn't trust the announcement from the Noctua, the zealots of the owls' religious sect. When her instincts tell her that someone's lying through their beak, she launches a secret mission to find out what happened to the Albess, no matter the cost.

Yet the Andeluvian lords want her toppled from her place at court. The Noctua want her banished from the realm. And just when things couldn't get any bleaker, one of her closest friends vanishes into thin air! Dayna has no choice: She must solve both mysteries as her enemies try their best to destroy her and her friends.

But how can the newly dubbed Dame Chrissie prevail when the odds are stacked so high against her?

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