Pet Peeve

Author: Piers Anthony

Published in Year: 2005

Publisher: Tor Books

novel no. 29 in the Series: Xanth

ISBN 0-7653-0408-2

Cover Notes

(:redirect quiet=1 PetPeeve:)A relentless horde of renegade robots has plunged the fate of Xanth in dire peril. All that stands between the enchanted land and destruction is a most unlikely hero, a moody, mild-mannered Goblin named Goody, who must summon all of his courage and determination to overcome this abominable army of automatons. Brimming with heart-stopping adventure and heart-warming delight, overflowing with wicked wit and wanton wordplay, Pet Peeve is Piers Anthony in rare form, an exceptional new chapter in the continuing chronicles of Xanth.

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