Yon Ill Wind

Author: Piers Anthony

Published in Year: 1996

Publisher: Hodder And Stoughton

novel no. 20 in the Series: Xanth

ISBN 0-312-86227-X

Cover Notes

(:redirect quiet=1 YonIllWind:)A fickle flux in the fabric of space has allowed a horrendous hurricane to blast into Xanth, stirring up mischief and madness wherever she goes. Trapped in a preposterous form by a cosmic wager, the Demon X(A/N)th must join forces with a vexatious vixen named Chlorine to save Xanth from this terrifying and tempestuous threat. Their companions on this haphazard quest are a hapless human family—Jim and Karen Baldwin and their two teenage sons, David and Sean—gusted into Xanth from the mundane world beyond. Together they encounter a host of turbulent misadventures as they struggle to keep Xanth from being blown off the map forever.

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