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The Adventures Of Three Englishmen And Three Russians In South Africa

Tags: Adventure, War

Author: Jules Verne

Published in Year: 1872

Publisher: Pierre-Jules Hetzel

novel no. 09 in the Series: Voyages Extraordinaires

Cover Notes

The Adventures of Three Russians and Three Englishmen in South Africa (French: Aventures de trois Russes et de trois Anglais dans l'Afrique australe) is a novel by Jules Verne published in 1872. Three Russian and three English scientists depart to South Africa to measure the 24th meridian east. As their mission is proceeding, the Crimean War breaks out, and the members of the expedition find themselves citizens of enemy countries. Fighting off hostile natives, animals, and other environmental hazards, these six stout scientists prepare themselves to endure any difficulty and danger in the pursuit of science!.

Three Englishmen and Three Russians travel across the width of South Africa to measure a meridian. The outbreak of the Crimean War makes the Russians enemy agents in an English colony.

Publication History

This title was originally published in the following parts:

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