Soldier, Ask Not

Author: Gordon R Dickson:

Published in Year: 1967

Publisher: Dell Publishing

Novel no. 03 in the Series: Childe Cycle

Cover Notes

When mankind burst into the stars, the human psyche splintered - and humanity became many species, each a specialized overdevelopment of a single trait. Tam Olyn was a trained new observer from Old Earth - a complete man. To him the conflict between the fissuring worlds was at first a challenge, then a personal vendetta. The Friendlies were his enemy... in them blind fanatical faith had become an all-abiding obsession. The Dorsai were warrors, born and bred, but they had not used their talents for self-glory but had placed them - for a price - at the service of others. And when these two driving destructive talents of humanity met head on, Tam Olyn had a plan of his own for which cosmic humanity was not prepared.

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