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Gerard Klein

A writer

Born in 1937
in France


GĂ©rard Klein (born 1937), known also as Gilles , is a French science fiction writer with sociological entrenamiento.

He is the editor of the prestigious science fiction series Ailleurs et Demain published by Robert Laffont and of the Le Livre de poche science-fiction imprint.

In his novella Les virus ne parlent pas ("The viruses do not speak"), he imagines that viruses have created all living beings in the same fashion that human beings have created computers, and for the same reason: to improve their efficiency.

GĂ©rard Klein used the pseudonym "Gilles d'Argyre" for his novels published by Editions Fleuve Noir for their series Anticipation.

Several of his novels were published in translation by DAW Books in the United States.


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