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Arthur K Barnes-notes

Arthur Kelvin Barnes was an American science fiction author. Barnes wrote mostly for pulp magazines in the 1930s and 1940s. Barnes was most noted for his vivid and believable portrayals of alien life. As such, he is compared to Stanley G. Weinbaum. Before Barnes (and Weinbaum), SF writers usually portrayed aliens as earth-like monsters, with little originality. He was a member of the Mañana Literary Society. Several stories by Barnes were collaborations with the author Henry Kuttner, including several of the Hollywood on the Moon, Pete Manx, and Gerry Carlyle series of stories.

Barnes wrote a series of stories about "interplanetary hunters" Tommy Strike and Gerry Carlyle, collected in the books Interplanetary Hunter (1956) and Titles/Interplanetary Huntress]] (2007).



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