Begun in 1952 by editor Howard Browne and publishers Ziff Davis (Z-D) as an attempt at a sophisticated and handsome digest-sized magazine, Fantastic was initially a success, and became even more so by its third issue, which featured a story attributed to the enormously popular crime fiction writer Mickey Spillane (although it was actually written by Browne.

Subsequent issues of Fantastic sold well enough for the pulp Fantastic Adventures to be merged with it in 1953; Amazing had already been reshaped to resemble Fantastic.

The title changed frequently to reflect the contents, and often varied between the cover, the spine and the masthead. Some major title changes included:

Magazines listed for Fantastic:

Fantastic May-June 1953
May-June 1953

Magazines listed for Fantastic Science Fiction Stories:

Fantastic Science Fiction Stories August 1959
August 1959
Fantastic Science Fiction Stories November 1959
November 1959

Magazines listed for Fantastic Stories Of Imagination:

Fantastic Stories Of Imagination January 1964
January 1964
Fantastic Stories Of Imagination February 1964
February 1964

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