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Welcome to Classic Speculative Fiction

(formerly Classic SF)

My aim is for a 'first stop' site for all general queries regarding fictional stories of a speculative nature (science fiction, fantasy, some horror and others which may be slotted in for various reasons) together with further external links, for more 'in-depth' information and possibly to buy (see below).

If you have any useful comments or suggestions please forward them to me via email - webmaster at this website or hit the feedback link in the menu.


I've finally correctly set up the Cookie controls as required by various laws.

Banner as you've probably noticed and cookie settings - see top left. Cookie / Privacy Policies at Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.

Feedback Form

I now am happy to say that I think I have a reasonable solution to the problem of 'form spam' and still provide a feedback facility.

In conjunction with the good people at AidaForm, I have created a page, for anyone to use to contact me.

Note I still will not accept abuse of the system. Indeed anyone attempting to do so will only be wasting their time as only I will see the messages and any abuse will be summarily deleted!

Rebuild Layout

Following reports to me of failures when in mobile form, I have decided to rebuild the skin used to display it.

I have simplified the menu to the left, to allow more space. It will mean an extra 'click' to access sub-pages. (sorry)

In mobile mode, icons will appear, which may be used to generate the menus and search bar as overlays. If you are using a laptop or desk top computer, you can see this by reducing the size of the browser's window.

I have removed the right side-bar. Anything I wished to keep has been placed elsewhere - less cluttered, except in the case of the Titles group, I have used the right bar to provide a series navigation.

Any feedback, hit the feedback in the menu.

Buy Links

I'm currently going throught the database again and adding to each relevent page a link, through which you can either buy the book / series or see further relevant information courtesy of Amazon.

The link will take you to the Kindle edition, but there links on their pages to other editions - paperback, hard cover etc.


Not often this happens but today I get the chance to promote someone I know (technically knew - it was some years ago we met.

Check out The Terrasey Saga by Kit Cooksey. Two fantasy novels available on Amazon and a third one on the way.

Series navigation

When navigating through a series, I have added previous / series index / next navigation links to the right of the Titles pages.

New writers

Although this site started as classic science fiction and fantasy site, there is a fast-growing group of wonderful new writers.

Some of them, I am hearing from, some I've 'come across' and I am certain that there are many that I do not see.

I am entering who I can as fast as I can. Anyone know of any who would also like to be included, yourselves included, please contact me.


On some of the older, classic and out of copyright or non-copyright stories, where available, I'm starting to make available downloads of the stories at Download Stories. Links are also on the individual pages. This also applies to Fan Fiction.


I've spent some time writing and working on another website (http://folk-lyrics.co.uk). When I came back here recently, I found areas of corrupted data and missing pages. And guess who didn't have access to back up.

I'm having to re-build from scratch and basically reinvent the wheel in places. So please bear with me while I do this. I will get it done ASAP - and back it up properly this time


Books Published Here

I recently had a request regarding me publishing a title on this website.

I'd like to take this opportunity to state that unfortunately I am not a publisher, per se, I merely hold copies of some books where the copyright has expired [or never existed] or have been placed in the public domain by the author or publisher.

I'm afraid that for titles where the rights are still held, the official channels should be followed and unless you find them reduced or remaindered, I'm sorry but full price should be paid.

Personal Recommendations

I'm taking this opportunity to promote a series of books which I liked and think that you would as well. They form the Galactic Rescue Inc. series by James T Lay.

In bringing back Adventure to the Science Fiction genre, this title joins the ranks of the great space operas of the past which enthralled both young and old.

I started the first volume and immediately joined the heroes on their quest. A rare feeling, I cared what happened to them and wanted to see where they went next.

Date Notes

I've started adding notes to some of the 'Year' pages. If you have a favourite 'fact' from real-life or fiction, drop me a note and if you want me to do so, I'll credit you with the 'find'.

Please Help

If you have a little money to spare and you could donate a small amount to keep the site open, then PLEASE HELP.

Message to Writers and Editors

If you are a writer and you are or are not included or you would like to add / correct any information or indeed if there is any content or lack of content to which you object, then again please via the contact page - with details and I'll try to make the changes as soon as I can.


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