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 Time Patrol

created by Poul Anderson


The Time Patrol series is a collection of short stories and novellas by Poul Anderson which follow the activities of the Time Patrol especially Manse Everard, the main protagonist.

Titles in series

Main series

  1. Time Patrol  (1955) [novelette]
  2. Brave to be a King  (1959) [novelette]
  3. Gibraltar Falls  (1975) [short story]
  4. The Only Game in Town  (1960) [novelette]
  5. Delenda Est  (1955) [novelette]
  6. Ivory, and Apes, and Peacocks  (1983) [novella]
  7. The Sorrow of Odin the Goth  (1983) [novella]
  8. Star of the Sea  (1991) [novella]
  9. The Year of the Ransom  (1988)
  10. The Shield of Time  (1990) [collection]

Other Stories

short story

Cover Images

Year of the Ransom
Shield of Time
Guardians of Time
Guardians of Time
Time Patrolman
Annals of the Time Patrol
Time Patrol
Time Patrol