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classic fantasy & science fiction   Galactic Rescue Inc

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 Galactic Rescue Inc

created by James T Lay


In bringing back Adventure to the Science Fiction genre, this series joins the ranks of the great space operas of the past which enthralled both young and old.

I started the first volume and immediately joined the heros on their quest. A rare feeling, I cared what happened to them and wanted to see where they went next.

I would recommend this to anyone to go out and buy a copy. I would be well worth it.

Titles in series

Main series

  1. Prelude  (2007)
  2. Outwards To The Stars  (2010)
  3. Way Beyond Infinity  (2010)
  4. Cosmic Pressure  (tba)

Cover Images

Outwards To The Stars
Way Beyond Infinity
Cosmic Pressure