Why Call Them Back From Heaven

Author: Clifford Simak

Published in Year: 1967

Publisher: Doubleday


ISBN 0-330-02515-5

Cover Notes

Imagine a future where cryogenics has become commonplace . . .

Imagine a future where one dominant corporation has a monopoly on the process: freezing and preserving everyone in the world, until either a cure for their disease - or for ageing itself - is discovered . . .

Imagine a future in which people work their entire lives to scrape together enough money for the corporate 'trust fund' required to maintain their frozen bodies . . .

Now, imagine that all of this is a giant scam. No one has ever been revived - and no one ever will be.

Imagine that you have unwittingly stumbled over the great lie at the heart of this future - and the corporation knows that you know . . .

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