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Classic Fantasy and Science Fiction

Skeleton Key


written by Piers Anthony

published in 2021
by Open Road Media

novel no. 44 in the
Xanth series


Cover Notes

Squid, the alien cuttlefish, is getting an upgrade: a boost to her shape-changing talent so she can lead a mission against a foreign Demon who’s stirring up trouble in Xanth. At Squid’s side are her rescued siblings and one very special child—Larry, a girl in a boy’s body, who will act as a secret host for their adoptive mother, the Demoness Fornax.

Aboard the Fire Boat, they form a plan to disguise themselves as a traveling dance troupe. Each child is paired up with a native Xanthian. But it’s the friendship that blossoms between Squid and Larry that will power their quest, and they’ll have to do some fancy footwork to avoid the trials and tribulations that await them.

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