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Classic Fantasy and Science Fiction

Geis Of The Gargoyle


written by Piers Anthony

published in 1994

novel no. 18 in the
Xanth series


Cover Notes

As a gargoyle, Gary Gar has one job in Xanth: to protect the Swan Knee River from the pollution flowing in from Mundania. But more dirt plus less rain will crack any gargoyle’s stony composure.

So Gary does what any good Xanthian would do: He seeks the help of the Good Magician. But payment for his service is high. Gary must find a philter for the water, while taking on human form to tutor a wild human child, with help from the surly Sorceress Iris, and—even though time is of the essence—taking Hiatus, a known troublemaker, along for the ride.

It won’t be easy, especially when they’re all transported back to the dawn of time. And if they can’t figure out what’s going on in the past, there may be no future for Xanth—come hell or high water . .

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