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The Black Country


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The Black Country is an area of the West Midlands, England, west of Birmingham and commonly refers to a region of more than one million people covering most of the four Metropolitan Boroughs of Dudley, Sandwell (with the exception of Rowley Regis which belongs to an extended area of Birmingham), and Walsall. During the Industrial Revolution, it became one of the most industrialised parts of the UK with coal mines, coking, iron foundries, glass factories, brickworks and steel mills producing a high level of air pollution.

The first trace of the phrase "The Black Country" as an expression dates from the 1840s. The name is believed to come from the soot from the heavy industries that covered the area, although the 30-foot-thick (10-metre) coal seam close to the surface is another possible origin.

The 14-mile (23 km) road between Wolverhampton and Birmingham was described as "one continuous town" in 1785. Although the heavy polluting industry that gave the region its name has long since disappeared, a sense of shared history and tradition in the area has kept the term in use. In addition, the regeneration of the area by local and national government has brought official recognition to the region and to some extent defined its boundary. (Wikipedia:Black_Country)

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