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J Schlossel




(:redirect quiet=1 JSchlossel:)Joseph Schlossel (21 December 1902 - 1 December 1977[1]) was a science fiction writer, a pioneer of the space opera genre.

Schlossel's first published story, "Invaders from Outside", was the cover story for the January 1926 Weird Tales.Schlossel's fifth published story, "To the Moon By Proxy", was cover-featured on the October 1928 Amazing Stories.

Schlossel was born in New York in 1902. He was raised in Toronto and became a tailor, his father's line of work. His first story was published in Weird Tales in 1925, where his next two stories appeared. Beginning in 1926, his remaining work was sold to Amazing Stories. After the Great Depression set in, he left his trade, took employment in metal plating, and stopped writing. He died in 1977.


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