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Andrew Einspruch




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I’m an expat Texan living in Australia, and the author of the humorous fantasy series The Western Lands and All That Really Matters., which, if you haven’t read it, you’re, like, missing out, like, totally. (You can get a free prequel ebook here.)

Originally, I wrote children’s books. Lots and lots of them for the education market. If you look in your school library, on Amazon, or your local library, the odds are pretty good that one or more of them is in there. All up, there were about 120 of them, both fiction and non-fiction. It started with the four-book “Dunkin’ Dazza” series in the 1990s, and I’ve written about everything from basketball to DNA, biographies to histories to mysteries, outback heroes to Christmas Island red crabs, and from how the rides work at amusement parks to how the Australian Government works (perhaps the greatest mystery of all).

I have both a technical background (yes, I’m a nerd) and a comedy background (yes, I’m funny). I used to do improv, and then when I met my wife, Billie Dean, we performed together for years doing improv and sketches. After that, we focused on writing, including for TV shows like Hi-5 and Cushion Kids. (Do you know the Hi-5 song “So Many Animals“? I co-wrote that.) We then made some movies and docos through our story studio, Wild Pure Heart. But for that past few years, the focus has been on books and words.

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