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Andrew Dobell




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A story writer based in Surrey, UK.

When I'm pressed about what it is that i do, the best answer i can give is that I like to tell stories.
"Well of course," I hear your cry, "you're an author."
Well, yes, you're not wrong, but I do lots of other stuff too, such as my Artwork.
Often I tell these stories in a visual way through either Illustration or Photography (or a mix of the 2). But I have also, for a long time now, enjoyed writing stories as well.

I have written stories for years. When i was a teenager I started to play various Role Playing Games. This meant i was creating stories and characters all the time in order to run or play the games. As time went on, I started to write short stories set in these worlds that would serve as hand outs to the players to read that would help set the scene.

My first novel came about much later after settling down with my wife, and although I was not playing the RPG's so much, (and haven't done for a long time now) I still enjoyed the stories. So I decided to try and write my first book.

 From his website (https://www.andrewdobellauthor.co.uk/about):


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