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Written by James T Lay

Published in 2010 by Amazon Kindle

Title 3 in
Galactic Rescue Inc series.

Cover Notes

Carl, one of the pair of space explorers, is out on his own during the early part of this Novel. He experiences alien races not really to his liking - initially - and finds his life in jeopardy many times. The people - aliens - he meets provide adventures everyone would wish for. He soon finds that he needs his fellow adventurer, Pat, to join him to sort out many problems - not of his making. The pace of their experiences continues on at a hectic rate. Some problems require drastic measures - they are not squeamish about making severe decisions of Galactic size. At a particular stage of there exploits they decide that they need a holiday - sea, sand, fishing and complete relaxation. They are offered a holiday to beat all, and they take it on, but where will this lead?

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