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Written by Samuel Youd
(under the name of John Christopher)

Published in 1955 by Michael Joseph

A novel

Cover Notes

John Christopher is a writer who is not afraid to feel passionately about contemporary life and its problems, and his tomorrow-world reflects our today as closely as Lilliput and Brobdignag reflected the world of Dean Swift. Yet his stories remain independent imaginings, forecasts of what may happen, not of what must.

The Year of the Comet foresees a world split up, not into states and kingdoms but into business groups. The most powerful of these are the two 'managerials,' Atomics and Telecoms, great business combines whose employees regard their protecting governments.

The hero is a scientist with a secret which will give supreme authority to any group in control of it. Inevitably he finds himself the centre of murderous intrigues. He, however, is interested, not in world power, but in the whereabouts of the girl with whom he has fallen in love. He believes that she has been kidnapped by a political group, and he sets out to find and rescue her.

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