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Edited by Peter Haining

Published in 1996 by Souvenir Press

A collection

Cover Notes

Wizards and wotsits, swords and sorcery, astronauts and aliens - all the ingredients of humorousw fantasy are poked into the pages of this unique collection.


This title contains the following stories:

  1. Introduction (essay)

Wizards and Wotsits: Stories of Cosmic Absurdity

  1. Theatre of Cruelty  (1993) - (Discworld)  - by Sir. Terry Pratchett (short story)
  1. How Nuth Would Have Practised his Art Upon the Gnoles  (1912)  - by Lord Dunsany (short story)
  1. Hell Hath No Fury  (1934)  - by John Collier (short story)
  1. The Twonky  (1942)  - by C. L. Moore and Henry Kuttner
    (collaborating under the name of Lewis Padgett) (short story)
  1. A Great Deal Of Power  (1953)  - by Eric Frank Russell (short story)
  1. Doodad  (1943)  - by Ray Bradbury (short story)
  1. Not By Its Cover  (1968)  - by Philip K. Dick (short story)
  1. The Rule of Names  (1964) - (Earthsea)  - by Ursula K. Le Guin (short story)

Swords and Sorcery: Tales of Heroic Fantasy

  1. Mythological Beast  (1979)  - by Stephen Donaldson (short story)
  1. The Adventure of the Snowing Globe  (1905)  - by F. Anstey (short story)
  1. Affairs in Poictesme  (1921) - (The Biography of the Life of Manuel)  - by James Branch Cabell (an extract from Figures of Earth)
  1. The Ring of Hans Carvel  (1961)  - by Fredric Brown (vignette)
  1. The Bait  (1973) - (Fafhrd and Gray Mouser)  - by Fritz Leiber (vignette)
  1. A Good Knight's Work  (1941)  - by Robert Bloch (novelette)
  1. Poor Little Warrior  (1958)  - by Brian W Aldiss (short story)

Astronauts and Aliens: Space Opera Yarns

  1. The Odd Old Bird  (1988) - (Dr. Eszterhazy)  - by Avram Davidson (short story)
  1. Young Zaphod Plays It Safe  (1986) - (The Hitchhikers' Guide To The Galaxy)  - by Douglas Adams (short story)
  1. The Wild Asses of the Devil  (1915)  - by H. G. Wells (an extract from Boon)
  1. Ministering Angels  (1955)  - by C. S. Lewis (short story)
  1. The Gnurrs Come from the Voodvork Out  (1950) - (Papa Schimmelhorn)  - by Reginald Bretnor (short story)
  1. Captain Wyxtpthll's Flying Saucer  (1951)  - by Arthur C. Clarke (short story)
  1. Playboy and the Slime God (aka: What Is This Thing Called Love?)  (1961)  - by Isaac Asimov (short story)
  1. There's a Wolf in My Time Machine  (1971) - (Hanville Svetz)  - by Larry Niven (short story)
  1. 2 B R 0 2 B  (1962)  - by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. (short story)

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