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book cover

Written by Harry Harrison

Published in 1996 by Tor Books

Title 9 in
The Stainless Steel Rat series.

Cover Notes

The ninth Rat book, and a return to the original sequence - this story follows on from The Stainless Steel Rat for President.

Jim and Angelina are on holiday on the paradise planet Lussuoso, where the very, very rich can avail themselves of rejuvenating treatments and become young again. Just when boredom seems about to set in, Jim learns that Angelina has disappeared, seemingly the victim of a religious scam.

Evil genius Justin Slakey has a machine that allows him to travel between universes. He uses it to prey on religious believers, tricking them out of their money and then using them as slaves in his coal mines. Aided by his twin sons, James and Bolivar, Slippery Jim descends to a planet that seems to be a real-life version of Hell - and when you can't take metal weapons between the universes, what do you arm yourselves with? Salami, of course.

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