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Written by Frederik Pohl and C. M. Kornbluth

Published in 1953 by Ballantine Books

Title 1 in
Space Merchants series.

Cover Notes

The Space Merchants is a science fiction novel, written by Frederik Pohl and Cyril M. Kornbluth in 1952. Originally published in Galaxy Science Fiction magazine as a serial entitled Gravy Planet, the novel was first published as a single volume in 1953, and has sold heavily since. It deals satirically with a hyper-developed consumerism, seen through the eyes of an advertising executive. It was followed some years later by a sequel, The Merchants' War.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Space_Merchants.

Publication History

This title was serialised in the following publications:

  1. Galaxy Science Fiction (Jun, 1952)
  1. Galaxy Science Fiction (Jul, 1952)
  1. Galaxy Science Fiction (Aug, 1952)

Publication history in print: