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book cover

Written by Isaac Asimov

Published in 1964 by Gnome Press

A collection in
Asimov's Robots series.

This title is also part of
the Asimov's Future History series.

Set in the Foundation universe

Cover Notes

The second collection of robot stories


This title contains the following stories:

  1. The Naked Sun  (1957)
  1. The Caves of Steel  (1954)
  1. Robot AL-76 Goes astray  (1942) (short story)
  1. Victory Unintentional  (1942) (short story)
  1. Let's Get Together  (1957) (short story)
  1. First law  (1956) (short story)
  1. Satisfaction Guaranteed  (1951) (short story)
  1. Lenny  (1958) (short story)
  1. Galley Slave  (1957) (novelette)
  1. Risk  (1955) (novelette)
  1. Introduction (The Rest Of the Robots) (essay)

Publication History

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