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classic fantasy & science fiction   The Many Worlds Of Science Fiction

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Edited by Ben Bova

Published in 1971 by E. P. Dutton

A collection


This title contains the following stories:

  1. Introduction (The Many Worlds Of Science Fiction) (essay)
  1. The Blue Mouse  - by Gene Wolfe (short story)
  1. Hot Potato  - by Burt K. Filer (short story)
  1. All Cats Are Gray  (1953)  - by Andre Norton
    (under the name of Andrew North) (short story)
  1. The Law-Twister Shorty - (The Right To Arm Bears)  - by Gordon R. Dickson (novelette)
  1. Three Blind Mice  - by Keith Laumer (novelette)
  1. Daughter  - by Anne McCaffrey (novelette)
  1. Something Wild Is Loose  - by Robert Silverberg (novelette)
  1. Silent In Gehenna  - by Harlan Ellison (short story)

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