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classic fantasy & science fiction   The Disappearing Future: A Symposium of Speculation

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Edited by George Hay

Published in 1970 by

A collection


This title contains the following stories:

  1. Foreword (The Disappearing Future) (essay)
  1. The First Forecast Of the Future  - by I. F. Clarke (essay)
  1. The Show Must Go On  - by David I. Masson (short story)
  1. Deus Ex Machina?  - by Kit Pedler (essay)
  1. Political Science - Mark II  (1969)  - by John W Campbell Jr. (essay)
  1. The Thorns Of Barevi  - by Anne McCaffrey (short story)
  1. Sleep, Dreams And Computers  - by Dr. Christopher Evans (essay)
  1. Double Consummation  - by ChristopherPriest (short story)
  1. The Temple Scientists  - by Edward J. Mishan (essay)
  1. The Sunset Perspective - (Jerry Cornelius)  - by Michael Moorcock (short story)
  1. Future Recall  - by James Blish (essay)
  1. Someday You'll Be Rich!  - by Dr. Perry A. Chapdelaine (essay)
  1. About Five Thousand One Hundred And Seventy Five Words  - by Samuel R. Delany (essay)
  1. Welcome To Wesbloc / Wesbloc  - by Anthony Haden-Guest (short story)

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