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book cover

Written by Fritz Leiber

Published in 1958 by Ace Books

Title 1 in
Change War series.

Cover Notes

The storyline involves two factions which both have time travel who are at war with each other. Their method of battle involves changing the outcome of events throughout history.

The two sides are nicknamed the Spiders and the Snakes. Their foot soldiers are recruited from every place and time: Cretese Amazons, Hussars, Roman legionnaires, GIs, Wehrmacht Landsers, Space Commandos, and soldiers from the armies of Napoleon, Stalin, Genghis Khan, and Alexander the Great may find themselves fighting side-by-side or on opposite sides. Likewise medical staff, entertainers and whores are drawn into the temporal war to provide rest and relaxation for battle weary combatants.

Publication History

This title was serialised in the following publications:

  1. Galaxy Science Fiction (Mar, 1958)
  1. Galaxy Science Fiction (Apr, 1958)

Publication history in print: