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classic fantasy & science fiction   The Anarchist: or, The Doom of the Great City

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Written by Douglas Fawcett

Published in 1892

A short story

Cover Notes

Hartmann the Anarchist is a man who harnesses the power of science, engineering and Victorian ingenuity only to use it for diabolical means although some might argue his choice of targets is understandable.

Hartmann the Anarchist was originally published in 1892 when Edward Douglas Fawcett was 16 years old and has been out of print for more than 100 years. In it, Fawcett's imagination creates "The Attila" from a wondrous new form of lighter-than-air metal, canvas and ships' rigging and has it piloted by Rudolph Hartmann, one of the most fiendish villains in literary history, raining pitiless death and destruction from the skies on Parliament, St Pauls and the City. Just 20 years later, Fawcett's apocalyptic vision came true when German zeppelins bombed London.

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