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Edited by Harry Harrison

Published in 1993 by Tor Books

A collection

Cover Notes

Harrison's best short fiction, including a new Stainless Steel Rat story. Assembled here are 13 stories that span time and space from the England of old to empires millenia from now. Includes "Roommates, " the original basis for the movie Soylent Green.


This title contains the following stories:

  1. Introduction (Stainless Steel Visions) (essay)
  1. The Streets Of Ashkelon  (1962) (short story)
  1. Toy Shop  (1962) (short story)
  1. Not Me, Not Amos Cabot!  (1964) (short story)
  1. The Mothballed Spaceship  (1973) - (Deathworld) (short story)
  1. Commando raid  (1970)  - by Harry Harrison (short story)
  1. The Repairman  (1958) (short story)
  1. Brave Newer World  (1971) (novelette)
  1. The Secret Of Stonehenge  (1968) (short story)
  1. Rescue Operation  (1964) (short story)
  1. Portrait Of The Artist  (1964) (short story)
  1. Survival Planet  (1961) (short story)
  1. Roommates  (1971) (novelette)
  1. The Golden Years Of The Stainless Steel Rat - (The Stainless Steel Rat) (novelette)

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