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Edited by Frederik Pohl and Carol Pohl

Published in 1973 by Ace Books

A collection


This title contains the following stories:

  1. Introduction the First, Science Fiction: the Great Years  - by Frederik Pohl (essay)
  1. Introduction the Second, Science Fiction: the Great Years  - by Carol Pohl (essay)
  1. ... And Then There Were None  (1951)  - by Eric Frank Russell (novella)
  1. The Liberation of Earth  (1953)  - by William Tenn (short story)
  1. Old Faithful  (1934) - ()  - by Raymond Z. Gallun (novelette)
  1. Placet is a Crazy Place  (1946)  - by Fredric Brown (short story)
  1. Wings of the Lightning Land  (1941)  - by Frederik Pohl
    (under the name of James MacCreigh) (novelette)
  1. The Little Black Bag  (1950)  - by C. M. Kornbluth (novelette)
  1. A Matter of Form  (1938)  - by H.L. Gold (novella)

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