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book cover

Written by James T Lay

Published in 2007 by Darkside Publications

Title 1 in
Galactic Rescue Inc series.

Cover Notes

From going for a walk in the Brunei jungle to seeing your friend being opened up from belly to throat with a 'laser' knife, would be enough for anyone! But accompanying that we find that the two friends are kidnapped to the furthest reaches of the universe, without a paddle. Their quest is to return to Earth - but how to do that, using the unmanned craft that kidnapped them, is well beyond their capabilities. With the help of a 'friendly' computer-generated voice, they are taught the protocols of inter-stellar hyper flight. Their experiences in their search for Earth takes them to many strange planets and galaxies - all unrecognisable. Adventures and frights pile up, one after the other, without any hope of the return to Earth - or is the possibility close at hand? Surely the universe is not so vast that the Solar System is not visible? Find out how they get on and enjoy their trials and tribulations.

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