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book cover

Written by James T Lay

Published in 2010 by Amazon Kindle

Title 2 in
Galactic Rescue Inc series.

Cover Notes

Here we find the intrepid adventurers returning to space - with the addition of another member to the crew. Follow the exeriences of the unwary explorers and see how they solve many of the riddles of the Universe. They meet many varied alien races and form frienships along the way. All is not sunshine and roses - they come across bad times as well as good. All is not work - they also have play, with some of the experiences quite daunting. Join them in these escapades and live their lives - as if you were there with them - and experience the wonders of travelling the Universe and realising the size and magnitude of what we call - Space. The time will inevitably arrive when we of Earth will be able to travel at light speed and, possibly, beyond.

This is the world of Galactic Rescue Inc. Join us.

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