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book cover

Written by Robert A Heinlein

Published in 1958 by Gnome Press

A novel in
Heinlein's Future History series.

Cover Notes

The Howard Families derive from Ira Howard, who became rich in the California Gold Rush, but died young and childless. Fearing death, he left his money for the prolongation of human life, and the trustees of his will carried out his wishes by financially encouraging those with long-lived grandparents to marry and have children. While the Families (who, by the 22nd Century, have a life expectancy of 150 years) have kept their existence secret, with the enlightened human society established under The Covenant, they decide to reveal themselves.

Publication History

This title was serialised in the following publications:

  1. Astounding Science Fiction (Jul, 1941)
  1. Astounding Science Fiction (Aug, 1941)
  1. Astounding Science Fiction (Sep, 1941)

Publication history in print: