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Edited by Robert Hoskins

Published in 1970 by Lancer

A collection


This title contains the following stories:

  1. Introduction: The Fun in Future Fun  (1967)  - by Isaac Asimov (essay)
  1. A Word From The Editor (essay)
  1. The Pleasure Of Our Company  - by Robert Silverberg (novelette)
  1. The Absolute Ultimate Invention  - by Stephen Barr (short story)
  1. Operation P-Button  - by Gordon R. Dickson (vignette)
  1. The Man On the Hill  - by Michael Fayette (short story)
  1. The Star  (1955)  - by Arthur C. Clarke (short story)
  1. Echo  - by Katherine Maclean (short story)
  1. The Great Canine Chorus  - by Anne McCaffrey (short story)
  1. Pacem Est  - by Kris Neville and Barry N. Malzberg
    (under the name of K. M. O'Donnell) (short story)
  1. Keeping An Eye On Janey  - by Ron Goulart (short story)
  1. The Packerhaus Method  - by Gene Wolfe (short story)
  1. The Water Sculptor Of Station 233  - by George Zebrowski (short story)
  1. The Tiger  - by Miriam Allen deFord (short story)
  1. Hands Of the Man  - by R. A. Lafferty (short story)
  1. Nightmare Gang  - by Dean R. Koontz (short story)
  1. These Our Actors  - by Edward Wellen (short story)
  1. Inside Mother  - by Pat Winter
    (under the name of Pat de Graw) (short story)
  1. The Communicators  - by Poul Anderson (novella)

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