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book cover

Written by James Blish

Published in 1955 by G. P. Putnams Sons

Title 3 in
Cities in Flight series.

Cover Notes

The longest book in the series, describing the many adventures of New York under Amalfi, culminating in the installation of a spindizzy drive system on a planet and its use to defend the Earth against an attack from an alien culture living around the Vega star system. Eventually New York is installed on this planet, which is projected out of the Milky Way galaxy towards the Greater Magellanic Cloud, where it encounters a gang of renegade traders who have enslaved the local population.


This title contains the following stories:

  1. Okie  (1950) (novelette)
  1. Bindlestiff  (1950) (novelette)
  1. Sargasso of Lost Cities  (1953) (novella)
  1. Earthman, Come Home  (1953) (novelette)

Publication History

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