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Written by Fritz Leiber

Published in 1945 by

A novel

Cover Notes

How can Thorn fight a dream foe -- risking life and sanity, that is exactly what he sets out to do . . . and his shrewd tactics and reckless daring create a pulse-hammering story against an all to real opponent!
Three worlds exist where only one should be. And two of them, spoiled in the making, want revenge on the third. Outside space-time is the Probability Engine, a super-mechanism which is the key to the destiny of the three. Into the hands of eight men falls possession of the Engine - with the power of life and death over all three worlds.

Publication History

This title was serialised in the following publications:

  1. Astounding Science Fiction (Mar, 1945)
  1. Astounding Science Fiction (Apr, 1945)

Publication history in print: