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Edited by Roger Elwood

Published in 1973 by Avon Books

A collection


This title contains the following stories:

  1. Introduction (Demon Kind) (essay)
  1. Linkage  - by Barry N. Malzberg (short story)
  1. Mud Violet  - by R. A. Lafferty (novelette)
  1. Bettyanne's Children  - by Kris Neville (short story)
  1. Child  - by Joan C. Holly (short story)
  1. World of Gray  - by Norman Spinrad (short story)
  1. Dandy  - by Ted White (short story)
  1. A Proper Santa Claus  - by Anne McCaffrey (short story)
  1. The Marks of Painted Teeth  - by Jack M. Dann (short story)
  1. The Eddystone Light  - by Laurence Yep (short story)
  1. From Darkness to Darkness  - by Terry Carr (short story)
  1. Monologue  - by Philip José Farmer (short story)

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