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Edited by Hans Stefan Santesson

Published in 1969 by Walker Books

A collection


This title contains the following stories:

  1. Introduction (Crime Prevention in the 30th. Century) (essay)
  1. Jack Fell Down  (1963)  - by John Brunner (novelette)
  1. The Eel  (1958)  - by Miriam Allen deFord (short story)
  1. The Future is Ours  - by Stephen Detinger (short story)
  1. The Velvet Glove  (1956)  - by Harry Harrison (short story)
  1. Let There Be Night!  (1963)  - by Morris Hershman (novelette)
  1. Computer Cops  - by Edward D. Hoch (short story)
  1. Apple - (Talents)  - by Anne McCaffrey (short story)
  1. Rain Check  (1954)  - by Judith Merril (novelette)
  1. Toys  (1967)  - by Tom Purdom (short story)
  1. Party of the Two Parts  (1954)  - by William Tenn (novelette)

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